Tiffany Alvord and Tanner Patrick…YouTube sensations….



An outstanding concert from rising internet stars, two individual talents with many similarities, the most notable, the modern day marketing tool, You Tube. Tiffany has some impressive statistics there, 400 million video views and over 2.2 million subscribers and Patrick has over 60 million views and about 550,000 subscribers.



They also share the fact, they are singer-songwriters hailing from America, multi-instrumentalists, started their musical careers at an early age, easy to talk to, under 25 years old, just really nice folks. Maybe that’ll change when they become rich and famous, but I’d highly doubt it.



The sound quality was outstanding and the lighting was more than adequate. The crowd was a bit sparse, in comparison to their online presence; but there were enough space so everyone was comfortable and could fully appreciate the swanky digs at the venue.



Never-mind their huge internet statistics, what impressed me was their onstage presence. Maybe not as polished as you’d see from a seasoned pro, but there-in lied the beauty of it. You could really “feel” their hearts filled with joy as they performed, whether a cover song or an original. I know it sounds corny but it’s true, and that’s not coming from a screaming teenage fan. The crowd reciprocated, the atmosphere in the room was truly palpable.



Tiffany shared a heart touching story, she explained how her grandfather recently lost his life in a battle with cancer. You could hear the slight crack in her voice, choking back the tears. She looked up to her Grandpa, an expert on sharing life lessons, especially the importance of what we leave behind, the recently released album is called “Legacy.”



At another point in the show, before performing “All about that Bass”, she mentioned how, as a women, she found inspiration in the lyrics. Offered some words of advice to the young crowd, then busted into song as her drummer joined her up front, the crowd was an energised sea of movement. It’s apparent, she places great emphasise on the importance of lyrics, a songwriters inherent trait.



They each played a full set, with Tiffany performing second to close, after front band “Fiona” warmed up the crowd. Who, by the way, interestingly rocked out with OPM covers. Tanner finished the event, calling Tiffany on-stage to present her with a cake for her upcoming birthday. A few members of the crowd shouted requests for duet, but no such luck. When I asked her about it after the show, she said someone had also suggested that the day before, but they haven’t had anytime to prepare anything, but they are working on it.

Screen Shot 2014-12-02 at 4.58.47 PM



And for Tanner, of course the fans had brought gifts, stuffed toy bears where the hot item of the evening. Their impromptu interaction with the toys, was endearing and just plain fun. And don’t forget the ubiquiotous borrowing cell phones from the front row and capturing some priceless images for the lucky few, the crowd loved it!




He reminds me a bit of Chris Carrabba from Dashboard Confessional or John Rzeznik, lead vocalist of the Goo Goo Dolls. Tiffany maybe a hint of Lenka, with a Taylor Swift kinda-country-pop flavour or an early version of Bjork, when she was with the Sugarcubes.



Whether it was Tanner’s unabashed style on the guitar, his bandmate Jacob regularly advices him to take it easy on the instrument or Tiffany’s subtle movements, doe-eyed presentation and alluring vocal timbre, it’s obvious they’re talented beyond their years. Hence so many on-line fans.


tiffany 6818

Special thanks going out to the gang at Phoenix Productions…a job well done, as usual. One of top outfits for events in the Philippines.

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