Jason Derulo, a heart-throb dancing machine…

If you’re looking to create a checklist to produce a well-rounded entertaining show, then a Jason Derulo event may be taylor made for you.
First, begin with a cleverly designed stage, a layout with two considerably sized video screens, at floor level flanking a center riser, combined with eye-catching video on a back-screen nearly encompassing the entire length of the stage. Simple, yet effective, which expands the visual experience and produces a layered look. Throw in fog machines, a pyrotechnic curtain from above, confetti cannons, flames and smoke plumes rising periodically from the edge of the stage, and you’ll have all the bells and whistles in place.
Of course, for the main act, you’ll need an artist with a dominate stage presence, a showman with boundless energy. Someone who can transition smoothly from the upbeat razzle-dazzle of a pop song, to a touching moment of a warm ballad. A topless heartthrob, who can dance and sing, and move with a fluid grace that would make Fred Astaire or Michael Jackson envious. Plenty of slick choreographed routines, a personal DJ, along with impressive backup dancers with the ability to nail every move; will all be must haves on the list.
You’ll also need a setlist created by a singer/songwriter who initially began his music career writing music for others, including Sean Combs and Pitbull before releasing his own material. And of course, you’ll require someone who has collaborated with big names in the music biz such as the legendary Stevie Wonder or Snoop Dog. Kick things off with a fan favourite track like “Trumpets” and continue the night dotted with a range of platinum hit singles, ending with “Want to Want Me”. An artist who can work the crowd with insightful banter in-between tracks about what inspired their creation or a tidbit of sage advice. Also, the star must be willing to include the audience, it’s a two way street, top it off by bringing a fan up on stage to serenade her with the song “It Girl”.
“Whatever it is you love, what you love doing, do it all the time. Make that your job, you know what I’m saying, I never worked a day in my life because I choose something that I love doing.” Jason told the crowd.
A performer with what seems to be a dual personality, first with all the flare that accompanies the hip thrusting, diamond and gold studded hip-hop bling, then on the other hand, an approachable down-to-earth guy, just having fun. Not only some slick dance moves, but also adept at physically handling a microphone, at times flipping it in hand, something you might see from a showboating bartender.
Certainly you’ll need to be well organised, as the production company Wilbros Live was, which brought the nearly sold out crowd at Mall of Asia Arena to there edge of their seats, just itching for the concert to start.
During the show, add some sort of bait and switch, with an interesting deception. As the crowd was fixated on a hooded shadowy figure on-stage, who was a decoy, Jason made his way to the back of the venue. The entire arena were taken aback, when the follow spot hit his figure singing from a platform adjacent to the soundboard, the fans quickly swarmed the area, like moths to a flame.
Perhaps not the most impressive vocal performance I’ve ever heard but certainly more than adequate and combine that with such impressive dance skills, arguably one of the preeminent dancers in the industry today, most of the hiccups went unnoticed. Although I’m accustomed to live music on-stage, this was far from an over-the-top karaoke type, look-at-me event.
Yes, there was a hefty amount of fluff but also plenty of substance to back it up. It was simply non-stop excitement which was well executed, you could tell this wasn’t his first rodeo. What struck me though, was that he genuinely having fun. You could see it in his face, a spirit which was emanating from his whole body, throughout each and every song. Also interesting was the dichotomy of a bad boy personality with the gracious guy next door temperament, and intriguing stance which keeps the fans guessing on what layers may still be hiding underneath.
Combine all of the above and you’ve checked all the boxes for a thoroughly enjoyable night of entertainment.

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